to open your eyes to the limitless possibilities as to where your legal career may take you. 

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to  support and inspire you to reach your legal career potential. 

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Professional development workshops for open-minded and curious legal professionals coming in 2024.

In collaboration, we can create a
12-month professional development plan to help you grow with confidence and purpose.

We offer a wide range of consulting services to help you or your organisation reach your full potential.

Are you ready to carve out your unique place within the evolving legal profession?



Career mentoring

Eight years ago, I quit my sensible solicitor job and moved to London with my best friend, one suitcase, and a legal career I doubted I was cut out for.

Almost five years later, I returned to Australia with an LLM from UCL, a husband, a global friendship network – and a whole new career.

Today I am a mentor, educator and disruptor who opens new doors for early-career legal professionals. 

Meet our Founder,
Rose Inglis

Welcome to RTL the podcast!

Rose Tinted Law the Podcast

International Human Rights advocate Robyn Barnard on following your head and heart

RTL The Podcast is a space to have honest conversations about legal careers with people who are boldly carving out their unique place in our profession.

Each episode will leave you with insight and inspiration about how to achieve your career potential. 

Rachel Waters on what happens AFTER you have achieved your "Dream Legal Career"

Jacqueline Butler on her passion for employment law and readjusting career ambition and priorities due to motherhood

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